Forever Young – Jade Roller and Organic Jojoba Oil

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Our ‘Forever Young’ natural Jade Roller and Organic Jojoba Oil Set is a skincare essential for your beauty routine.

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Our ‘Forever Young’ Gemstone Massager Roller and Organic Jojoba Oil Set is a skincare essential for your beauty routine.
Use it every night for 5-10 minuets. It naturally softens and moisturizes your skin for a radiant, bright, smooth and energetic look. It stimulates collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This product is suitable for all skin types. It balances oil production in the skin.

– Natural jade sourced from a mine in Myanmar
– Organic pure jojoba oil made in England

  • Measurements
  • Gemstone roller: 15cm long
  • Larger stone roller: 5.3cm W
  • Smaller stone roller: 3.5cm W
  • Jojoba oil: 10ml

How to use Gemstone Roller & Jojoba Oil
– Wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water
– Apply few drops of jojoba oil to the face
– Use the larger stone at the cheeks, neck and forehead, in an upwards direction
– Use the smaller stone under eyes, between eyebrows and around the mouth in an outwards direction
– Follow the Facial Massage Techniques Guide showing in the picture, starting from number 1 finishing with number 7
– The stone is normally cold, but for extra healing place the roller in the refrigerator. It provides extra relaxation and inflammation reduction.

Pairing our gemstone roller with jojoba oil helps roller to slide across the skin effortlessly and help the oil absorb better to increase its benefits.

Natural Jade
– Boost skin’s natural detoxification process
– Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduce puffiness, eye bags and dark circles around eyes
– stimulate circulation and leave the facial muscles more relaxed for a natural healthy glow
– Contain minerals like magnesium and calcium

Organic Jojoba Oil
– High in natural oils that resemble those found in the skin and able to dissolve into skin oils
– Help soothe damaged and irritated skin
– Moisturize and restore skin health
– Jojoba oil is naturally packed with almost all of vitamins and minerals essentially needed for healthy skin. It contains vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, iodine, and chromium

Treat yourself and enjoy our Forever Young skincare essential gift set of natural gemstone facial roller and organic pure jojoba oil.

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