Sahara Adjustable Ring

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Natural white and light green geode druzy stone, and red garnet gemstone designed and set in a sterling silver adjustable ring.

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Natural white and light green agate geode stone designed and set in a sterling silver adjustable ring. A red garnet gemstone is artfully set in the center of the geode for an ultimate unique design. The geode stone is uniquely beautiful and mysterious, with its free-form shape and the glittery swirls of sandy tones representing the Sahara desert. The ring reflects light perfectly through its natural druzy crystals. This ring is perfect for those rare occasions where only the most special gemstone will complete your look.

Healing Properties: Agate fosters love and lends us the courage to start over again. The stone allows for better mental function, encouraging a sense of reality and pragmatic thinking. Promoting self-acceptance and confidence it encourages one’s own truth and self-analysis.  Agate honours the Greek Goddess of women. She protects women through all of their changes.

Measurement (max length x max width):

  • Ring Size: Adjustable
  • Stone size (centimeters): 4.2cm L x 2.5cm W x 0.5cm H
  • Stone Size (Inches): 1.7” L x  1″ W x 0.2″ H

• 925 sterling silver and natural stone
• Natural agate geode sourced from Brazil, natural garnet sourced from India.
• Handmade
• Made in England