The Hidden Secrets of Your Valentines

The Hidden Secrets of Your Valentines

Femininity has always been linked intrinsically with jewellery and as a token of love from a man to a woman. The right piece of jewellery that is symbolic to your woman can really display just how much you know who she truly is. This is why on such an occasion as Valentines a gemstone inspired gift can radiate special love connections.

Giving a woman such a gift as energy charged jewellery shows that you respect her powers and reflective goddess persona, quite honestly showing your awareness of her femininity being at one with mother earth.

Naturally jewellery can build a woman’s confidence in the way it adds detail to a look and how different colors and textures of the crystals enhance her mood, but at Lia Chahla the uniqueness of each piece amplifies this on a much more personal level, with each of our pieces self-representing a personality, and the stones meanings being wide, the process of selecting a perfect piece for your woman becomes much more personal.

As a woman, we look to jewellery to explain and define the abstract sentimental feelings we gather throughout the experiences of our lifetime, that some times, words alone can’t communicate. The beauty and decadence of jewellery, especially when combined with energy of mother earths’ crystals and symbolism, can do wonders to communicate these sentimental values we hold dear to us. This wonder is highlighted in the action of gifting your lover with jewellery; it is even when the woman selects for herself.

But this then exemplifies how the jewellery we choose to buy and wear for ourselves is a reflection of our personality, our soul and sense of self. Identity is intrinsic to the purpose of jewellery and here at Lia Chahla, the aim of each individually crafted piece is to enhance this sense of self worth. So when selecting the pieces for the woman you love, showing you know this sense of identity she holds is the most magical thing you could show.

The healing properties belonging to each individual stone can help fulfill the woman’s sense of self and strengthen the characteristics she feels she needs to build within her, or even do the opposite, in showing those which she knows she exudes already that perhaps you would like the jewellery to represent as why you love her. Why would you not want to help your woman feel whole and the strongest she can be? Proving you know who she is and gifting her with energies to amplify her life that bit extra, is a sign of true love.

Symbolic is the main theme in all of our beautiful unique jewellery as is our thematic aim to build a woman’s true self-confidence. We design for the woman who knows who she is and radiates love of the self, but also love of those around her.

With all of Lia Chahla’s jewellery each piece is created out of mother natures’ stones, stones that hold very unique tendencies of one-off patterns due to their time of creation from different events of earth, sea and wind. This means that selecting a mother earth adorned piece of jewellery for your love offers you the chance of gifting her with something quite honestly no one else will own. Allowing a woman to feel a piece of jewellery is made for her and so closely linked to the qualities she embraces is a thoughtful gesture no woman can deny.

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