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Shiva Shell Ring

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Natural shiva eye shell handcrafted and set in an sterling silver ring. This shiva eye shell is a stunning natural gemstone whose pattern is completely made by Mother Nature. The ring is made for a style that echoes true beauty. This unique ring is a perfect accompanying piece to any woman’s look, as it lightens any mood for a new mindful energy from day to day.

Note: Some shells have natural cracks in it.

Healing Properties: Shiva eye shell is a protective covering at the orifice of the Turban snailshell symbolizes the creation, preservation and destruction of all from the flow of life, the constant change in the world, spiritual knowledge to creative visualization. Representing wisdom, the eye symbolizes our ability to look beyond the obvious and into the deeper aspects of life.


- Natural Shiva eye shell
- Sterling silver


Ring Size: US:8.5 / UK:R

Gemstone: 2cm L x 2cm W


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Care Instructions

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