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ENGRAVED WITH PASSION ABOUT US Personalized crystals that enrich your
life with good vibes
Each piece and stone unequaled by
any other
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Handmade Gemstone Jewellery & Healing Crystals

Our natural gemstones are sourced from illustrious mines around the world; from which only the finest grade “A” stones are selected. All of our products is one of a kind, as there are no two stones alike.


Using 0.925 sterling silver, our dedicated and talented team work exclusively to create some of the most precious pieces and jewellery design there is.

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  • Sep25
    Lia Chahla
    Gemstones aren’t just pretty to look at; they also have the power to heal. Throughout time, the healing properties of gemstones, their beauty, and magic...
  • Feb10
    Lia Chahla
    Femininity has always been linked intrinsically with jewellery and as a token of love from a man to a woman. The right piece of jewellery...