About Us


At an early age, designer Lia Chahla discovered the magic of natural crystals and the powers of their healing properties, and since then she has been crafting unique pieces of art that capture their beauty and essence.

Welcome to our world of natural crystals, where we believe in the transformative power of nature to enhance and improve our lives. Our mission is simple – to make people feel happy, loved, and better about themselves through the healing powers of natural crystals.

We offer a wide range of gemstone jewellery and crystal candles, each crafted with natural materials and infused with the energy and power of natural crystals. Our jewellery collection is handcrafted with high-quality gemstones and metals, with each design inspired by the unique properties of the stones. From elegant necklaces to statement rings, our jewellery collection is both beautiful and beneficial for the wearer, providing a unique and personalised touch to any outfit.

Our crystal candles are made with all-natural soy wax and infused with the healing energy of crystals, creating a luxurious sensory experience that promotes relaxation, healing, and positive energy. With fragrant blends of essential oils, our candles are perfect for enhancing any space and creating a calming and soothing atmosphere.

At our business, we believe in the power of natural beauty and positive energy to uplift and transform our lives. We strive to provide our customers with unique and personalized experiences, helping them to discover the transformative power of nature in every piece.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a happier, healthier, and more positive life. Whether you're looking for a statement piece to enhance your wardrobe or a soothing candle to help you unwind, our gemstone jewellery and crystal candles business have something for everyone. Shop our collection today and discover the beauty and power of nature in every piece.

Brand Story

Most opportunities and beginnings are rarely planned, and the beauty of how stories unfold is what makes them memorable. Lia Chahla began in 2012, where the idea was the final project of the founder’s master’s degree as a simple simulation. She single-handedly put together a small workshop in her home and began to design and make unique jewellery pieces. Her passion for designing jewellery and her love for stunning gemstones from all over the world is what led her heart to this domain. To her surprise, her jewellery designs quickly became popular and she soon enlisted in various fairs that further made it clear that what she had created was much more than a simple project – she had designed a career.

As the demand grew, Lia moved her workshop to London, the city of jewellery and fashion. Lia opened many outlets across London, including a stall in the biggest mall in Europe, the Westfield Shopping Center. Her jewellery was also featured in the prestigious magazine Vogue. She also took part in many international fairs and exhibitions including the International Jewellery London (IJL) where her collections were featured by models on the runway. 

In 2020, Lia thought of a creative way to promote emotional and spiritual healing through crystals. This is when the new product line, Crystal Candles, came to life. Only a few months after their release, this product was listed on Etsy as ‘Best Seller’ and on Amazon UK as ‘Amazon’s Choice’. Due to the excellent reviews and wonderful feedback Lia further expanded her product line and introduced her luxury Crystal Candles.

In a world where diamonds are so over-rated, she chose to be a unique, hand carved gem. Her positive attitude, empowering words, and youthful energy are one of a kind that leaves a mark on anyone she comes across. Through her work she hopes to make people feel better about themselves through the energized crystals that she uses for her work, but also to look great through the inimitable and distinctive pieces.

Most of the Lia Chahla collections are designed and created at her studio in London. Her crystals are carefully sourced from mines around the world. Lia Chahla offers a wide collection of gemstone jewellery and crystal candles.

    To reach the world through our unique and beautiful pieces of  jewellery and crystal candles. Just like the people in our lives, we hope that our customers feel better and look great and feel happy when they bring their new item home.

    To become a global brand that not only reminds everyone that we are diverse, unique, and beautiful, but to also give back to the earth that gives us so much through the communities that support this line of work.

    Everyone works to make money and grow their business, we do it because we believe that there is more to beauty and crystals than meets the eye, and that is in the energy that is in it. We want to give that back to the world – the same energy and beauty that we receive every day.

    Brand Personality
    The way we feel is a mixture of so many different things linking to the environment we are in, how we look, what we think about how we look, the atmosphere, the culture we’re from that guides our emotions and so much more. Today, we live in a world where we take so much care of how we look on the outside that we forget the inside, but more so we forget that we are all unique and different and that alone is something that should leave us in awe at the magnificence of this world.
    Lia Chahla is more than just a brand that is creating stunning jewellery and crystal candles – it aims to make everyone feel – the love of the creator and the designer in her workshop is invested in each product and no process is rushed to ensure the most positive energy and love flows to these energy crystals and felt by each new owner that buys her product.


    “Feel good, feel inspired, feel special – but above all, feel 'you' and that should make you feel whole.” - Lia Chahla